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Piano Battle

Conveying a new way of thinking to make the introduction to classical music easier and garnering a bigger audience to be dazzled by the show.
Web series „Piano Battle online” and social media presentation of the performers Paul Cibis and Andreas Kern.

Piano Battle has come a long way – today Paul Cibis and Andreas Kern delight audiences all over the world. Both men are not only world class pianists, but also very gifted entertainers who have created a brand new concert format. But Piano Battle is not only a concert, it is a competitions – who wins is up to the audience.

Yaron Traub

Trans-media campaign to develop new target groups.
Web documentaries featuring music stars like Daniel Barenboim and strategic social media work 

What is it like to be a conducter? This is what we show in our transmedia campaign with Yaron Straub – and not only to die-hard classical music fans. The YouTube-Channel format opens the possibility for wider audiences as well.

But that does not necessarily mean that connoisseurs do not get their piece of the cake: big stars of the classical music world make regular appeareances on the channel. Take a look behind the scenes to experience a whole new world.

Free Lunch Society and MeinGrundeinkommen e.V.

Production and distribution of our own film Free Lunch Society. Cooperation with organizations and initiatives promoting the idea of the unconditional basic income.
100 Screenings all over Germany on Febraury 1, 2018. 

In Febraury 2018 Free Lunch Society was aired in 100 German theatres and the film remains very popular until this day. Cooperating with MeinGrundeinkommen e.V. facilitated convincing more people of the idea of the unconditional basic income.

It is the mission of MeinGrundeinkommen e.V. to make it possible to experience the unconditional basic income. Free Lunch Society provides arguments for the public debate and shows that thinking out of the box could be worth it.

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