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Your story, your message, your brand

You want to expand your media strategy and attach importance to highest quality? Together, we will develop a concept that reflects your values and reaches out to new target groups. In doing so, we bring together worlds that rarely meet. Not only since PIANIOMANIA do we love classical music: through our contacts we connect you with the big stars of the industry and create an emotional narrative world that will inspire your customers. Our transmedial competence creates your personal success strategy.

As filmmakers we are professionals in storytelling and have a lot of experience when it comes to portraying the most diverse personalities and communicating across industries. In our productions, technical and content-related quality comes first.

As a global community, we are currently facing major challenges, which is why we work together with companies and organisations that want to make a difference – be it on a personal, municipal or global level. Our film Free Lunch Society about the idea of an unconditional basic income started in 2018 in cooperation with Mein Grundeinkommen e.V. in 100 cinemas all over Germany and inspired thousands of people for its mission.

But of course it doesn’t have to be a whole film – we produce video content according to your ideas. Whether it is just a trailer for your event, a whole video series for your media presence or a complete social media package with content on all channels – every frame is conceivable. Even if you don’t have an idea yet – we will develop concepts perfectly tailored to your needs.


Lukas Link - Regisseur und Videoproduzent

Lukas is a filmmaker and real media professional. His passion is to tell stories with pictures and he inspires with his technical skills. As cameraman and director he is versatile and at the same time perfectionist in each of his projects. Through his many years of professional experience in media, he has contacts in all areas of the industry.

Judith Goetsch - Transmedia Manager

Judith is a filmmaker, blogger and knows the world of classical music like the back of her hand. She cannot imagine a life without singing and it is her passion to portray people and bring them together with music. She is passionate about creating creative concepts – from the first idea to the realization.  

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